The combination of California’s robust economy, its wealth of natural resources and its environmental consciousness combine for a unique regulatory environment that requires the specialized knowledge and legal expertise of Ferguson Case Orr Paterson’s environment and natural resources team. Drawing on our familiarity with the state’s natural resources policies, we counsel and advise individuals, business entities and public agencies regarding environmental regulations and natural resources. Our practices include:

  • Guiding compliance with Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (“CERCLA”) and other environmental rules and regulations.
  • Resolving disputes regarding toxic tort liability and regulatory charges.
  • Litigating and defending hazardous waste issues and related matters.
  • Representing clients in water rights adjudications and other water supply matters.
  • Agricultural-related environmental matters such as runoff management.
  • Oil and gas leases and agreements.
  • Counseling regarding and litigating California Environmental Quality Act (“CEQA”)-related matters, including the preparing and reviewing environmental impact reports.
  • Representing clients on issues connected to the California Coastal Act.