Ferguson Case Orr Paterson LLP counsels and advises individuals and businesses on formation and operation of business entities including corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, limited liability partnerships and sole proprietorships. Services include:

  • Organizational planning including formation of corporations, partnerships, limited partnerships, limited liability companies, limited liability partnerships, professional corporations and joint ventures.
  • Preparation and implementation of buy-sell agreements, including cross purchase agreements between stockholders, stock redemption agreements and related business transactions.
  • Negotiation and documentation of business acquisitions, sales, options, mergers, reorganization and subsidiary formation.
  • Advice and representation regarding commercial transactions including purchases, financing, security agreements and foreclosures.
  • Counseling and documentation of employee and executive benefit programs including pension plans, health and welfare plans, profit sharing plans, 401K plans, deferred compensation, executive stock bonus plans and qualified stock options.
  • Formation and administration of non-profit entities, including state and federal tax exemption qualification.
  • Ongoing business advice including contracts, purchase agreements, distributorships and personnel related matters.
  • Representation in mediation, arbitration and litigation in disputes in all of the above.